It is our goal at Public - Supply to share with our customers the impact they are making through their purchases.  Below is a list of classrooms and projects we've helped fund together. 



- Classroom 157 -

New York City, NY
R. varas


Dear Public - Supply,

Just wanted to express a heart felt thanks. It's been a grey year at school for technology. Its the first year that our school participated in the Lego Robotics Competition and the kids loved it. With these kits I can teach more students how to program robots while teaching them valuable math and critical thinking skills. 

It's amazing how much more focus kids have when you're teaching them something that is also fun. Your donation has made it possible.

With gratitude,
Mr. Varas



DONATION: $911.24


Thank you so much for your generosity. Your contributions have paved a way for us to provide our students with an opportunity to obtain a training certificate in Design, Coding and Biotech Engineering. They will have the opportunity to watch their designs come alive and influence change in our local community. These designs will one day be used in future urban planning projects.

We hope to send you all great photos of our community impact designs in the near future.

With gratitude,
Mr. Sandoval


apple ipad air 2




Miami, fl
FUNDED ON may 19, 2015
Mrs. vega


I can't fully express my joy, excitement, and thanks for your donation to my project. It is great to see that you share my vision for reaching children.

The tools you have funded will enable my class to have a mobile technology station where they can access district learning programs. In addition I will be able to set up other learning games and children can buddy up to learn reading and math skills. 

I can't wait to share this new resource with my class!!

With gratitude,
Mrs. Vega

Thank you so much for your generous donation. This will make such a difference in my unfunded after school program. Many of my students can't afford to buy their own instrument... this will allow me to take on more students who would never have had this opportunity. The students who currently take part in my music program do much better in school. They learn to read music, which increases their understanding of fractions, closed sets, and abstract concepts in math.

-Mr. Stanley

- purchased - 

Samsung UN50EH5000 50 Class 49 5 viewable LED TV

Logitech X300 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Blue

IOGEAR Multimedia Keyboard Trackball for Internet Enabled TV

Words cannot express my joy, excitement, and thanks for your donation to my project. It is great to see that you share my vision for teaching children. Through the use of visual aids and technology, students will begin to bring the events around them to life! The items that you have funded will enable students to watch their creativity as well as educational programs and activities. In addition, I will be able to demonstrate setting, mood, theme, other genres in entertainment. We are very excited to get this program started. Thank you so much. I can't wait to introduce these tools to my students.

-Mrs. Frank

I cannot begin to express my gratitude and excitement for the support that you have provided for my students through your donation. Music has played a vital role in my life and sharing that love of music with my students is one of the most rewarding things I get to do.  These instruments are going to provide students, who would otherwise not have the opportunity to learn an instrument, with the chance to explore a completely new and wonderful creative outlet. I know that these instruments are going to add to the joy of our classroom, school, and community during this school year and for many to come. Your generosity is going to be put to great use and I can't wait to hear the amazing sounds that start to come out of my classroom. Thank you for your support!

-Ms. McLeod

Thanks to all of your generosity and support the students will be able to design and create t-shirts for all school activities! Just some of the current activities we will be using the heat press for is the SECTEM club, end of the school year trips, Anti-Bullying Week, ski club and many more! Your amazing donations for my students mean lower costs for school trips and activities. The world needs more individuals like yourselves! Thank you!!!! I can not wait to share pictures with all of you! :)

-Ms. Oliver

- classroom 139 - 

donation: $297
trenton, nj
funded on april 29, 2015
mr. anewalt

- purchased -


Thank you all for your generous donations. It means a lot to have the support of friends, family, individuals and business. The materials you have donated for will improve the function and performance of art class for hundreds of students. I can only imagine the amount joy the students will have in using these new paints. I am relieved that this project is funded and I am excited to teach students to use these new paints as well as design new lessons that incorporate these materials. I look forward to sharing the progress of students with you. I encourage you to continue to support arts initiatives in public schools by advocating and donating. I wish you and your family a healthy and colorful spring.

-Mr. Anewalt

Thank you SO much for funding our project! We are actually about halfway done with our 3-d rooms, so will be ready to start "filming" very soon! The kids are very excited about the idea of making a stop-action movie and your donation will make it easier for them. (We have some laptops, but they're old and unpredictable, so new technology is a real boon!) I had given up on this project being funded by the end of the year - what a fabulous surprise!! Thank you so much!

-Mrs. Mason

Thank you for all your support and your commitment in helping and changing the classroom environment for students. Art is a subject were students can express what they feel, and provide comfort for themselves. In addition, part of their self-expression they also have to practice techniques in order to become a better artist. With these supplies students will be able to sketch and practice different techniques that they acquire in class. They will all be prepare in class every day, to sketch their work in order to create masterful art pieces. I am very grateful for your generosity. I am eager to see my students work and improve as much as their hard work.

-Mr. Patricio

- CLASSROOM 136 - 


Learning Innovation Programs

Through diverse learning experiences in the museum and the community, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA) makes art accessible and inspires wonder and curiosity. We invite participants of all ages and abilities to engage in dialogue, construct personal meaning, connect art to their lives, and create art that is original and self-expressive. From early childhood learning to tours for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease, the MIA’s Learning Innovation programs serve over 200,000 people annually, including schools and teachers, children and youth, families, and adult audiences.  MIA programs focus on developing the skills of creativity, critical thinking, and global awareness in order to inspire and foster 21st century global citizens—people who respect and appreciate different perspectives and ideas and think of multiple possibilities and innovative solutions. 

I am incredibly excited and grateful for your support of my students. Now my band and general music students will have more of the tools they need to become excellent musicians. Metronomes will keep them focused and together with a steady pulse, tuners will keep them in tune, hand drums will allow more students to participate in ensemble playing, and reeds will keep the saxophones and clarinets singing. No matter where these students choose to go to college, or what kinds of careers they pursue, the skills and knowledge they develop in music classes will put them on a path to success.

-Mr. Johnson

- classroom 134 -

donation: $276
chicago, il
funded on march 3, 2015
ms. latour

Thank you so much for your generosity, for making this project possible! I am excited for my students to begin using these materials. The book and video resources will be used by many students in a variety of grade levels throughout our building.I am looking forward to beginning the felting project with my middle school students, as well! We truly appreciate your interest and support of the arts in education. The lessons and projects that my students will experience because of this project will teach important problem solving and creativity.

-Ms. Latour

Wow! Thank you so much for supporting my fabulous art students. This year my kids have been more successful at blending and creating really detailed paintings than ever before, thanks to water soluble oil paints. Our success is only possible with your support, because oil paints cost way more than standard acrylics that most public school art programs can afford. When artwork has been displayed this year in the hallway, students have received rave reviews! We can't wait to make more amazing paintings. Thanks again for supporting art education.

With gratitude,
Mrs. Wain

Today I was able to share this exciting news with my young artists. I was able to explain how we will be able to create a style of art we've only seen in pictures. I was also able to explain how there are generous donors who believe in us, and their beliefs are so strong that they support our program, even though they are not at our school. It made for a very inspired group of students, and it was amazing to see their sense of gratitude. The materials that you have funded will not only enable these young artists to create a piece of long-lasting mosaic art to enhance our communal space, but it will serve as a reminder of how critical art making is as part of our learning and growing. The students will be able to learn a new art technique. They will be able to work outdoors together and create a collaborative garden walkway where many members of our community will gather and learn. Thank you for sharing my vision in Arts education. My students and I are so appreciative of your support!!

Ms. Lee

 I wanted to sincerely thank you all for your generous donations to my multimedia classes here at East Valley Institute of Technology located in Arizona. With these donations my students will be able to send files back and forth from students to student, to be able to complete projects and meet all deadlines. In addition, our students will now be able to conduct client meeting on other parts of our school campus, even off campus using the Apple iPad to take pictures, notes and show client websites that the students build for our local community businesses. You have given us a gift that will keep students productively working and building important skill sets, business ethics and professional habits. We have been in great need of external memory thumb drives with the capability to take completed websites, photos, and video and graphic design projects from computer station to the personal computers as homework for students to complete. We now can move forward with client based educational experience because of your support and donation. Students will be able to use these donations on a daily basis and to promote their talent, honed skills and designs in our multimedia field to mirror the professional's work being generated in our industry. Thank you.

- Ms. Perez

Thank you so much supporting this project and Theater Arts in education! The cameras and accessories which you have funded will enable my students to have real film and video experience in their Theater and Film class. They will collaborate, create, act, film, and critique projects they could only dream about before. I can't wait to teach new skills to my students and allow them to express themselves in another theatrical way. Thank you again!

-Ms. Thompson-Mercer

Thank you so much for your generous donation to our students. I know that once the products are delivered, I will be able to utilize them in the ways discussed. Students come to music class once every six days as part of their 'specials' rotation. Having this new technology will enable me to explore new avenues in teaching and will allow my students to explore music on a whole new level. It is my belief that students are most successful when the classroom that they learn in is technologically sufficient and hands on. Students in the 21st century expect to use modern technology such as a new projector and wireless speakers as part of their normal routine.

-Mr. Donath

Thank you so much for helping me to fund my "Step-Up the Band" project. Your generosity will enable me to do two things: first, it will allow me to provide reeds to students who cannot afford to purchase reeds themselves, and second, it will help my band students see what a better woodwind or brass mouthpiece can do for their performance. I have not had the funds to purchase these items in the past. I am excited about the possibilities for my students and the band as a whole!

-Ms. Olsen

My students and I are so excited! Thank you so much for supporting our community art project. We are thrilled to bring our love of creating to our entire school community. This project will give all students in our school the opportunity to GET UP and engage their entire mind by adding to our community canvases through out their day. This project will most definitely enrich the lives of our students and our school community. We are looking forward to the process and the reward of creating. Thank you!

- Mrs. Green

I can't fully express my joy, excitement, and thanks for your donation to my project. It is great to see that you share my vision for reaching children. We are anxiously awaiting their arrival and students have already come up with ideas from sports events, science fair, and a picture album to document the school year. They have also expressed how now their projects can be shared even with our collaborating sponsors through pictures. These digital cameras give my students an additional outlet to express their intelligence as they learn and grow. Again, thank you for your generosity and the cameras will be put to great use.

-Ms. Greenfield

Thank you so much for your generosity! My students will truly appreciate the art materials in our classroom. I can not wait to see their smiling faces when they see all the new art supplies! Our school does not have an art program so they will benefit greatly from all the supplies. I can not thank you enough! Donors like you really put a smile on our children's faces. It's amazing for them to see that there are good people out there so willing to expand their knowledge!

-Ms. Sandford