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Classroom 019

1-28Cheyenne Peerson

Thank You! This is the best gift these guitar students can get going into the holiday season. By funding this project please know that you have directly impacted the happiness of many young musicians. Each one of these items will be used daily.  Everyday students will tune their guitars independently - allowing more time to rehearse and learn. The capos will allow all members of the group to perform their favorite songs in the correct key with ease. Not only will these items lighten their hearts, but it will also help them spread their gift of music to others in the building. For example, yesterday our dean came into the music room for some business. We were in the middle of playing Count On Me by Bruno Mars. He stayed in the back of the room and after the students finished he said, "Hearing you all sing and play that song changed my day completely. It has been a really rough day and I needed that." Your gifts will allow our students to spread the happiness and joy of music even more!  Thank you so very, very much!

-Ms. Brown