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1-28Cheyenne Peerson

I was truly touched to wake up this weekend after a difficult week of teaching to find that you had fully funded my classroom project request.  It brought tears to my eyes, as I did not expect to be fully funded for at least a few months. When I was an elementary school student, the arts were an integral part of the curriculum. We were fully engaged, at every minute, with projects that enhanced our understanding of the world around us through hands-on opportunities. Now that you have funded our project, my students will have the same opportunities that I had many years ago. I cannot wait for my students to dive into their current events reading, research, writing and video recording and editing.  I delivered the news to my students this morning, and they too, were overjoyed. We cannot wait to get started! During a time of great change in the way we educate our students it is refreshing to see that there are others who share my vision and understand the importance of cross-curricular applications. My students will now be able to read, write, research, and incorporate the arts into their learning. Thank you for supporting my students, my classroom, and the arts. I am humbled and very appreciative.

-Ms. Malara