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I can't adequately express how wonderful your donation is to make this project a reality, nor can I fully express how thankful I am for people like you. You've chosen to support great education and opportunity for students who don't often receive them. You are providing children with the tools to help them explore the world around them, as well as tap their own potential. There is no greater gift one can give than to give someone else the chance to achieve. While I have ideas for what I'd like my students to do with this robotics kit, they pale in comparison with what they will come up with on their own. What I do know is that this will be such a fun way to get them solving real problems with gears, friction, rotational motion, and computer programming to name a few. It's a physics and engineering teacher's dream come true. Thank you for your generosity. I look forward to sharing their thank you letters and accomplishments with you.

- Mr. Wolf