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Classroom 031

29-56Cheyenne Peerson

Thank you all so much for your generous donations. The arts are an essential part of the way we teach in my school and help the way my student understand new concepts and ideas in the classroom. The microphones we have been given will help my students to feel more confident and express their talents even more this year than in the past.  This years Eco-Friendly Fashion Show will be a success beyond anything I have ever imagined with the help of all of your donations. You have all given my students the ability to understand how it would feel to really sing, without having to worry about whether or not their voices will be heard. This years Eco-Friendly Fashion Show my students' amazing voices will be heard from any point during the fashion show.  Thank you all once again for your contribution to this years Eco-Friendly Fashion Show. My students will shine more this year than any other due to the confidence these microphones will give them.

- Ms. Chaves