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Classroom 045

29-56, Wythe HotelCheyenne Peerson

My students attend a pre-K through 5, inner city, public school in New York. We are a Title I school and like everyone else the budget cuts have affected us negatively. Most of our children receive free breakfast and lunch, and their families cannot afford any of the extras that other schools take for granted. Nevertheless, my students are eager learners. They are enthusiastic learners and will go the extra mile to do well in their studies. Classroom resources, however, are very limited. This group of students would benefit from having examples of the lesson displayed throughout the room. A new magnetic lined page with dry erase capabilities and plenty of storage will send the students a definite positive message - You are worth it! Our building is over 100 years old and everything seems to be falling apart. Any new materials we get are always greatly appreciated. I requested Magnetic Write & Wipe Sentence Strips, Giant Magnetic Lined Page, Write & Wipe Board Eraser, Learning Center Pocket Charts - Set of 6, and Apple Timer Without Magnet. The lined pages will be a great resource to have in our room. It will display the day's lesson and illustrate steps to acquiring skills. It will also give the students a chance to work on the page as well. They will be able to demonstrate the skill to others as well as deepening their understanding of the concepts. My students will no longer have to bend over each other on the rug and squint to see a small board that I pick up and put on a student's desk that I promptly take down after the lesson. Then my students can't refer back to the information as they go off to complete their tasks at their desks because the board is so low the students can't see it. We need the erasers to use with the lined pages and the timers to teach them proper time management. These simple things will raise my students' self-esteem by letting them know someone cares. These few resources I am requesting may not seem important, but to our students they are vital. These new supplies will also let them know that people care about their education as much as the more affluent school districts. Thanks for considering my children!

-Ms. Lazarev