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Classroom 051

29-56, Wythe HotelCheyenne Peerson

A million thanks for supporting my project. I'm truly grateful to donor choose and it's supporters for giving me the opportunity to bring innovate technology to my classroom. I'm excited about the wide variety of uses the raspberry pi will offer the students. With some basic programming knowledge they can really create some wonderful things. I also mentor 4 robotics teams for FTC that can benefit from the technology. This year we finished 3rd overall and won the coveted PTC design award for NYC/LI for our innovative design mostly because of a 3d printer that we also obtained from donor choose. We were able to create and manufacture our own parts. As an educator, I never want to be stale and by donating to my projects I can teach students employable skills and they have blast doing it. I appreciate your support.

-Mr. Coyle