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Classroom 062

57-84Cheyenne Peerson

Thank you so much for your generosity and for choosing my project to help fund. Unfortunately, with so many educational needs throughout our nation, these basic items are no longer funded. The only reason my classroom has a printer is because of and donations from people like you! This is because of budget cuts and our district and school's inability to provide printers for every classroom. In addition to not having printers, the teachers at my school are also limited in the number of copies we can make for student worksheets, tests, and homework. It has been rough to decide what to make copies of and what to skip. However, because of the printer we received through, I have been able to make all the copies I have needed for my students. Now all we need is more INK! Thanks to you, we are set now! We can once again print out research projects, images for our reports, our typed poems and creative stories, etc... Thank you so much. I can't wait to tell the kids that we will soon be able to print in our own classroom! 

- Ms. Ruz