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Classroom 147

141-173Cheyenne Peerson

I am a fourth grade teacher at an elementary school and I teach all subjects. Our school has a predominately minority student population. We are also an urban, low socio-economic, title one school with limited funding.

I would like to use the BAM experience to empower my culturally diverse group of students. The goal is for students to learn about the cultural commonalities that exist among themselves as well as celebrate their similarities and differences.

With the "Legend Has It: School-Time Performance at BAM, I could really address Language, Reading, Writing Common Core Standards in a more meaningful way. I want to encourage students to reenact and/or rewrite legends by incorporating what they've learned from our Ready Gen curriculum and each performance. I am encouraged that these experiences will improve students writing and the understanding of curriculum goals, as well as common core standards.

As much as explicit instruction and close reading strategies are beneficial to student achievement, I feel positive that these exciting experiences will foster a deeper love for learning.

With gratitude,
Mrs. Coleman