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Classroom 168

Shinola, 143-170Cheyenne Peerson


Detroit, MI
Donation: $2,124
rs. Murrain's Classroom


Clarinet (4)
Trumpet (3)
Baritone Horn w/ Case & Mouthpiece
Trombone                                                                                                                                     Alto Saxophone

Words can't express my gratitude! My students and I are so excited! Thank you for making our dreams a reality. We are overjoyed. 

My students are very important to me. They have always wanted to have a school band, but could not afford to purchase or rent instruments. We have been trying to start the band program for a long time and now we have enough instruments for every student. The "Build-A-Band" project would not be possible without your help. 

My students are looking forward to building proficiency on musical instruments and experiencing all that playing in a band has to offer. Your gift will always be remembered as generations of music students are educated through our program. Thanks again.

With gratitude,
Mrs. Murrain