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Mesa, Az
Donation: $228
Mr. Perez

 I wanted to sincerely thank you all for your generous donations to my multimedia classes here at East Valley Institute of Technology located in Arizona. With these donations my students will be able to send files back and forth from students to student, to be able to complete projects and meet all deadlines. In addition, our students will now be able to conduct client meeting on other parts of our school campus, even off campus using the Apple iPad to take pictures, notes and show client websites that the students build for our local community businesses. You have given us a gift that will keep students productively working and building important skill sets, business ethics and professional habits. We have been in great need of external memory thumb drives with the capability to take completed websites, photos, and video and graphic design projects from computer station to the personal computers as homework for students to complete. We now can move forward with client based educational experience because of your support and donation. Students will be able to use these donations on a daily basis and to promote their talent, honed skills and designs in our multimedia field to mirror the professional's work being generated in our industry. Thank you.

- Mr. P.