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Classroom 132

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Chicago, Il
Donation: $433
Ms. Lee

Today I was able to share this exciting news with my young artists. I was able to explain how we will be able to create a style of art we've only seen in pictures. I was also able to explain how there are generous donors who believe in us, and their beliefs are so strong that they support our program, even though they are not at our school. It made for a very inspired group of students, and it was amazing to see their sense of gratitude. The materials that you have funded will not only enable these young artists to create a piece of long-lasting mosaic art to enhance our communal space, but it will serve as a reminder of how critical art making is as part of our learning and growing. The students will be able to learn a new art technique. They will be able to work outdoors together and create a collaborative garden walkway where many members of our community will gather and learn. Thank you for sharing my vision in Arts education. My students and I are so appreciative of your support!!

- Ms. Lee