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Classroom 156

Shinola, 141-173Cheyenne Peerson

I am extremely humbled by your donation to my project. As a teacher, it is my nature to always put my students' needs before my own, therefore I was quite leery of posting a project for personal and professional growth. However, knowing individuals like each of you value supporting teachers and our quests to improve as educators is inspiring. 

The equipment you donated will help me hone my technology skills so I can effectively create new technology experiences for my students. My STEAM club dabbled in video productions this year, but it was limited by a lack of resources. Your generosity has assisted with this dilemma and will bring a new sense of excitement to the upcoming year. 

By taking the time to invest in me, you have ultimately invested in the lives of many inner city youth who will be exposed to new technology tools and programs.

With gratitude,
Mrs. Singleton