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Classroom 173

141-173Cheyenne Peerson



I don't know where to begin to describe the huge impact that the fans have had in my classroom. These first few weeks of school have been incredibly warm and humid and the fans have done an excellent job of keeping me and my students comfortable as we move around the space in my drama class, playing acting games and performing for each other.

I have a number of students taking another one of my courses this year and every one of them has commented on the addition of the fans and how much more comfortable the classroom is compared to last school year. They also love to share "horror stories" with their current classmates of the way things used to be. 

My theater production students have been working in groups to build theater model boxes and having the fans in the space have encouraged groups to work IN the classroom on tables as opposed to working on the floor in the hallway where many used to seek refuge. As a result, I'm able to keep a closer eye on their progress and intervene when needed to ensure that their projects are measured, cut, and assembled correctly. Needless to say, this year's model boxes are heads and shoulders above what they used to be. 

The level of comfort of students is directly connected to their ability to succeed and I am so grateful for your generous donation and the impact it has had in my class. The students and I now enjoy being in the space and we're now able to focus on the task at hand and no longer on how hot the classroom can get.

With gratitude,
Mr. C.