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Classroom 266

258-285Cheyenne Peerson



I can't begin to describe the excitement in our room with these new Chromebooks! My students are so excited to begin using them! The new skills that will be gained are incredible. Not only will we be able to master new skills in every subject area, we will also master basic technology skills such as logging into a computer, using a mouse, and how to use other technology alongside a computer. 

My students know that we will be using these computers for learning (STEAM, writing activities, math, and everything in between) and they still cannot wait to get their hands on them! I am excited to see where this technology can take our classroom. It will be a learning experience for us all I am sure! I have even had students ask to stay after school to continue doing schoolwork on the Chromebooks!! Having students this excited to learn is something I hope to see all year round. I cannot thank you enough for helping me bring the excitement back to learning!

With gratitude,
Ms. Wellman