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Classroom 277

258-285Cheyenne Peerson



We appreciate the contributions you have made in helping the Manchester Central High School Art Department reach its goal of providing a Art Smart TV on a cart for our Art Department. This TV stand is holding a 40" television that is paired with a Chrome Cast wireless streaming device. The pairing of this technology on a cart offers numerous opportunities for my fellow instructors and I to facilitate large and small group individualized demonstrations, reviews, and other media presentations. 

The ease of access that this TV cart offers is its most exciting feature. This cart can be wheeled around the classroom for small presentations, around the department to be shared, or even brought our library to inspire further self directed research and independent learning. The quality and flexibility of this cart paired with this modern wireless streaming capability will continue to present further future learning opportunities for our entire learning community.

We again thank you for your support of this project and we are very excited about its endless capabilities in enriching the learning opportunities of all our students.

With gratitude,
Mr. Burgess