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Classroom 262

258-285Cheyenne Peerson



I want to thank you so much for generosity and support of these materials for my students. My students are creative and love expressing themselves through drawing, coloring, making collages, and writing stories. I have introduced them to new ways of thinking, new ways to express themselves and am trying desperately to use all of my extra money to get materials that my students need. I feel that students are our future and without the right materials, students will not be able to achieve all they can. My students come into school each day with a passion to learn. They listen to me talk all day and still have questions. Their minds are sucking up the knowledge that I am teaching them. I love that my students go home and say,

Students love to draw, they love to write & by combining those two passions & creating books, students will see how much potential they have to become true authors.

My students will love these materials and will be so excited to know they will be receiving these materials soon.

Thank you so much for this chance to make a difference and in helping my educate our future.

With gratitude,
Ms. Mayo