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Classroom 084

57-84Cheyenne Peerson

I can't fully express my joy and thanks for your donation to our class project. It is great to see that you share my vision for engaging student in the arts and photography. In art, we so often forget to show students how professional artists work and with your donations our advanced placement art students will be able do just that! The tools that you have funded will help bring our classroom into the artist's 21st century, where we can master all aspects of photography. This printer and supplies will allow my students entire control of their art, from framing to gallery worthy prints. Thank you so much. I can't wait to introduce these tools to our students!

-Ms. Chilenski

Classroom 083

57-84Cheyenne Peerson

Thank you for fulfilling my Project request. My students and I are ecstatic. Thank you so much! We will use the Colored Printer and Scanner to complete various assignments within our Multimedia and Webpage Design course. Your generosity funded the resources I need to ensure my students receive real-world experiences while designing webpages. They will have an opportunity to design their own webpage.

-Ms. Gibson

Classroom 082

57-84Cheyenne Peerson

All of you are extremely sweet charitable people, and MFMS loves you for it! Drama loves you for it! And I love you for it! It's good to know that we have such a wonderful, supportive community. Your children have been so wonderful and they work very hard. I believe this new sound system will help our students take performing arts more seriously. Their hard work will pay off when the audience is able to hear them! Thank you for helping our dream come true!

-Mr. Mascio

Classroom 081

57-84Cheyenne Peerson

Thank you all for the prompt funding of our marching bells and harness. I see that you understand the importance of music in the lives of our youth. This will enable various piano students and percussionists, to play melodic parts and be a part of our growing marching band. We hope to do some fund raising and purchase a few more sets, as I am sure this is going to be a big hit among the students. The turnout and commitment among the band members is excellent this year and your funding just enabled more students to take part. Thanks again for keeping music alive in the schools.

-Mr. Caton

Classroom 080

57-84Cheyenne Peerson

Thank you for the love and generosity bestowed upon my students with your gift. My students first alerted me that our project was funded during my Journalism class, and the entire class erupted in applause and excitement. My students spent the rest of the period brainstorming plans and responsibilities to use the cameras to create weekly broadcasts. Many of the students stuck around during their lunch periods to continue this discussion and work on other aspects of our newspaper work. Your donations genuinely inspired a group of young leaders eager to explore their passions. We will forever be grateful for your donation.

-Mr. Panepinto

Classroom 079

57-84Cheyenne Peerson

I am so grateful for the generosity you have shared on helping my art room fulfill it's vision of a permanent art instillation that all our students will have a part in contributing! Through your kindness our student a will be able to experience a new art material. Once the project is installed our students will see how their art work fits into a large scale collaboration. I look forward to sending you images of the finished project. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

-Mrs. Burcheri-Vistian

Classroom 078

57-84Cheyenne Peerson

I am so excited for this school year now. With your generous donations I'm going introduce my students to a whole new world of different cultures. Art opens up impressionable minds and I can't express my gratitude in words. My students are going to do so much more than they would have otherwise. We're going to be looking at the Aborigines of Australia, the collage work of Romare Bearden, and the abstract works of German artist Wassily Kandinsky just to name a few. They enjoy painting so much and I can't wait to show all that we're going to do. Thank you so much and God bless.

-Mr. Trowbridge

Classroom 077

57-84Cheyenne Peerson

We did it!!!!! Or rather, YOU did it! Thank you all for making this project come to fruition! I can't wait to start using these supplies! We are now immersing ourselves heavily into creating and analyzing graphical depictions of data - to find the patterns and the unusual features of data distributions. Your donation came at the perfect time! Our world is full of data and it is becoming more and more data-centric. Being able to critically analyze data is essential for all disciplines. Thanks for helping me expose my students to the power of statistics. Thanks for believing in these wonderful kids!

-Mrs. Viau

Classroom 076

57-84Cheyenne Peerson

Thank you yet again for your donation to my classroom! We will be using the protractor, rulers, compasses for days to come because they are just that important to a math class! With your help, we will be able to get the kids to learn constructions of different types of polygon using compass and ruler. With your donation, we will be using those tools to discover the true relationships of similar polygons. My students will have a ball with the material that you are sending to us! Thank you so much for your support! It means so much to us.

-Mrs. Kabuta

Classroom 075

57-84Cheyenne Peerson

We are so excited to know that you are supporting our classroom and very much needed materials will be on the way to us soon. As our students learn from the hands on lessons through the activities daily, I can not help but to think of all the people who made it possible for us. Every little thing, including our textbook, rulers, pattern blocks etc all have to play its part and they are all very important to us. My Geometry students were not able to use the pattern blocks at the beginning of the school year, so they had to create some paper ones to help them do their homework. Now, thanks to you, we will have some for them to use in the class. Thank you very much for your donation!

With gratitude,
Mrs. K.

Classroom 074

57-84Cheyenne Peerson

Although the school year was already off to a great start, the news that our project was fulfilled made the beginning of the new year even more amazing!! My students and I are so so excited to be receiving these new instruments. Many of our trumpets are more than 40 years old and needless to say, are not in the best shape. The music we are currently working on calls for a slap stick in the percussion section. It will be so great to finally have one! We are also looking forward to the new French horn case, so I can throw out the one being held together by duct tape! Thank you so much for your incredible kindness. We promise to take the very best care of our new instruments and supplies. Thanks for all the wonderful work you do supporting classrooms in need!

-Ms. Schecter

Classroom 073

57-84Cheyenne Peerson

It's so funny - yesterday I was setting up my classroom for the coming year, and I was thinking about how to set the room up for our keyboards. I'm so glad our two broken keyboards are being replaced. I cannot wait to tell the students. Our faculty likes to share individual "celebrations" at our meetings, and I'll be sure to let them know. Our keyboards have been essential in learning improvisation and theory. Our students look forward to using the piano keyboards in stations, so thank you!

-Mrs. Libbey

Classroom 072

57-84Cheyenne Peerson

Thank you all so much for your wonderful generosity. As a science teacher in the public school system it is often difficult to obtain supplies that will help support the learning of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). It is extremely important that we shift the focus back towards the importance of science education and help create the next great American scientists. With these new supplies I will be able to bring my students to new levels and foster higher-order thinking. My students will be extremely excited when they learn that they will be able to use the skills they learn in science to be creative and think analytically.

-Mr. Covotsos

Classroom 071

57-84Cheyenne Peerson

Thank you for your generous support of my students. As education evolves, so must the resources and spaces in which we teach. I am in the beginning stages of making a small corner of the media center into a Makerspace where kids can create, be imaginative and problem solve. Thank you for helping get supplies to achieve this goal. Additionally, I think this space will help encourage students to be ready to apply for our STEM high school. With the current pace of technology, it is a bit scary, but exhilarating to think we are preparing today's students for jobs that do not yet exist. These supplies will help get those creative juices flowing so they are able to be ready for an ever changing future. Thank you for your support of our nation's future.

-Mrs. Lunsford

Classroom 070

57-84Cheyenne Peerson

Thank you so much for your generous support. Because of you, we will be able to expand our traditional jewelry making program offerings to include lapidary (stone cutting and jewelry making) arts. Your contribution also provided polishing equipment and flex shafts, both much needed. I can't believe my project was funded so quickly. Getting this equipment and going through the process of sharing my project with the world, means so much to me as a teacher. And I know it will mean a great deal to the students who make meaningful works of art with the equipment you have provided. You are awesome!

-Mr. Denty

Classroom 069

57-84Cheyenne Peerson

Thank you for funding our project. Your generosity makes will make little scientific mind explode with curiosity this year. It is heartwarming to know that you share a love of science and inquiry learning also. With these materials, students will be able to read and perform experiments on their own. The ability to learn and discover about a topic of your own choosing provides intrinsic motivation. My students will retain what they learn because they will be driving their own learning with these materials. Thank you so very much!

-Ms. Corral

Classroom 068

57-84Cheyenne Peerson

Wow! I just received the great news that "Level the Playing Field: Part 5" has been funded! I am so grateful to everyone who helped make this happen. I have found that using Chromebooks to access programs such as Accelerated Reader and IXL Math is a excellent way to meet each student at his or her own level. No one is bored, and everyone is challenged. A 1:1 classroom is a classroom that has a piece of technology for each student. That is my ultimate goal, and thanks to you (friends, colleagues, and well wishers) I am almost there!

-Ms. Lloyd

Classroom 067

57-84Cheyenne Peerson

I want to thank you all for supporting our students. I am grateful that you all took the time, and donated to support those in most need. We are at a time when student's are asked to produce more work that involve critical-thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills. With these welcomed additions to the curriculum, the students will need extra supplies to achieve success.

You can rest assured that the students will use the materials with fidelity and will try their best to produce great work. I look forward to sharing some of these projects with you in the future. Thanks again for your commitment to public education.

-Mr. Encarnacion

Classroom 066

57-84Cheyenne Peerson

I am so grateful for the donations to our Sew Special project! I can't wait to design clothing with my students. They are going to be so excited to be able to use actual sewing machines and fabric. We usually do fashion design using paper dolls, construction paper, and tissue paper. This is going to be a great experience for them and hopefully the start of a future fashion program. Thanks for playing a major part in their fashion design experience.

- Mrs. Ortiz

Classroom 065

57-84Cheyenne Peerson

Thank you so much for funding our project! These MIDI controllers are the perfect thing to teach the concept of MIDI mapping. Teaching MIDI mapping is not something that schools are generally equipped to do but is an essential skill to learn as a musician. This will not only reinforce general understanding of computer functions but it will allow us to take that knowledge into performance based projects. Our students are bright, dedicated, and appreciative kids that will benefit from the use of these controller for years to come!

-Mr. Di Masso