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Classroom 056

29-56, ShinolaCheyenne Peerson

I am truly overwhelmed at your generosity and your support. Never have I ever had a project funded so quickly within an extremely short period of time! I had just posted this project a few days ago and you have responded speedily and promptly. With your help, now I can finally develop the percussion section that our band program so desperately needs. The students will be able to use the sticks, pads, books, and the other equipment to help them become strong and creative players. I am so happy to see how the general public stands behind music education and understands the need for children to be able to express themselves. Thank you for being such an encouragement!

-Ms. Atallah

Classroom 055

29-56, ShinolaCheyenne Peerson

Thank you so much! Your generosity will make an incredible difference in our classroom. We are so lucky to have a great and safe school, but unfortunately there is no money for supplies. There is only so much that we can learn from textbooks. The rest we can only learn through hands-on, relevant, and application based activities. Thanks to you, my students will be able to build exciting projects, make informative presentations that teach them how to be leaders, and take part in engaging activities that will prepare to solve social problems. In short, these tools will help them move towards a successful future!

-Mr. Taylor

Classroom 054

29-56, ShinolaCheyenne Peerson

Wow! It is difficult to express my gratitude for your donation to my project. It makes my heart swell to know that so many people are willing to help children to grow and learn. The resource that you have funded will enable students to focus and to be engaged. I am so excited to share with them many opportunities to learn and to realize the connections of all subjects with each other and with their lives. This visual and technological tool will be greatly utilized to ensure that all types of learners in my classroom will benefit! Thank you so much. I can't wait to introduce this tool to the children. Thank you for your kindness, generosity and thoughtfulness.

-Mrs. Kraft

Classroom 053

29-56, ShinolaCheyenne Peerson

As a visual arts teacher for third, fourth, and fifth graders, I know just important it is for my student's to be exposed to many different types of art at this age. Because our school is completely inclusive, there are many different levels my students work on. Having a material to work with, such as clay, is something that can be incorporated at any level of teaching. I cannot thank you enough for funding this project. My students will be over the moon when they find out!

-Mrs. Osman

Classroom 052

29-56Cheyenne Peerson

I am an elementary music teacher serving about 300 students in Kindergarten through Grade 5. Our school's student population is 98.3 percent Black students, twelve percent students with special needs and four percent ELL. My classroom has music keyboards, and students learn to play instruments every day, but most our headphones are broken, and students are not able to practice independently using headphones, so they are taking turns. Your donation is greatly appreciated, because with new headphones my students will enjoy listening while they practicing their instruments.

-Mrs. Grechko

Classroom 051

29-56, Wythe HotelCheyenne Peerson

A million thanks for supporting my project. I'm truly grateful to donor choose and it's supporters for giving me the opportunity to bring innovate technology to my classroom. I'm excited about the wide variety of uses the raspberry pi will offer the students. With some basic programming knowledge they can really create some wonderful things. I also mentor 4 robotics teams for FTC that can benefit from the technology. This year we finished 3rd overall and won the coveted PTC design award for NYC/LI for our innovative design mostly because of a 3d printer that we also obtained from donor choose. We were able to create and manufacture our own parts. As an educator, I never want to be stale and by donating to my projects I can teach students employable skills and they have blast doing it. I appreciate your support.

-Mr. Coyle

Classroom 050

29-56, Wythe HotelCheyenne Peerson

Your generous donation has enabled my students to have an experience like no other. The activity I can provide them in the art of basketry, weaving, and the making of vessels will stimulate these young minds and provide great insight into the way we relate to the aesthetic world. It would not have been possible without your support. Your altruism inspires me toward the pursuit of excellence in my teaching and you can expect tremendous thank yous and smiles of accomplishment from what you have given along with wonderful works of art!

-Mr. Vernola

Classroom 049

29-56, Wythe HotelCheyenne Peerson

Thank you so much for your generous and thoughtful donations toward this project! I am very excited to use these supplies with my students this year... as soon as they are received! The materials in this project will bring new capabilities and dimension to our school music program... we will now be able to record/edit student performances using computers, as well as highlight students who feel comfortable singing solo in front of groups. These microphones are going to be very motivational and helpful for students. Please know how much all of your donations truly enhance the quality of the music program at my school. Without the help you have given, there would be no new supplies/additions to our school program, nor would students have the great opportunities that they deserve... to have access to real music education. THANK YOU!!!

-Ms. Spitzer

Classroom 048

29-56, Wythe HotelCheyenne Peerson

When I first created this Donors Choose project I was very skeptical this project would be funded because of the cost. Schools have very limited resources during this mediocre economy, and it feels that the available funds are all allocated towards Math and ELA. So I hope you understand why I had my doubts regarding this project. When I received an email stating that my project was funded, my jaw just dropped. It made me realize that there are still a lot of people out there that knows the importance of giving children a creative output to help develop themselves personally and socially. Your donations, but most importantly your kindness, will give my students a great opportunity to create beautiful animations. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

-Mrs. Yeam

Classroom 047

29-56, Wythe HotelCheyenne Peerson

Thank you so much for your generous donations. I can't fully express my joy, excitement, and thanks for your donations. I can't wait to see the expressions on my students' faces when they see their journals and supplies. I know they will be excited. It is great to see that you share my vision for reaching children.The tools that you have funded will enable students to create and explain their own concepts with concrete tools, which will associate to the abstract. In addition, I will be able to demonstrate setting, mood, theme, and other genres in literature. Thank you again!

-Ms. Detelj

Classroom 046

29-56, Wythe HotelCheyenne Peerson

Thank you so much for your generosity and thoughtful donation. My students and I sincerely appreciate your help and financial contribution. Your donation has helped fully fund our project and we look forward to updating you on all it's meaningful uses within the classroom. Our new classroom I-pad will significantly impact and improve students' ability to both learn and demonstrate learning in a more meaningful way. For instance, nonverbal learners will now be able to communicate understanding through the touch-screen technique. Thank you! Thank you so much for giving us this much appreciated gift.

-Ms. Danese

Classroom 045

29-56, Wythe HotelCheyenne Peerson

My students attend a pre-K through 5, inner city, public school in New York. We are a Title I school and like everyone else the budget cuts have affected us negatively. Most of our children receive free breakfast and lunch, and their families cannot afford any of the extras that other schools take for granted. Nevertheless, my students are eager learners. They are enthusiastic learners and will go the extra mile to do well in their studies. Classroom resources, however, are very limited. This group of students would benefit from having examples of the lesson displayed throughout the room. A new magnetic lined page with dry erase capabilities and plenty of storage will send the students a definite positive message - You are worth it! Our building is over 100 years old and everything seems to be falling apart. Any new materials we get are always greatly appreciated. I requested Magnetic Write & Wipe Sentence Strips, Giant Magnetic Lined Page, Write & Wipe Board Eraser, Learning Center Pocket Charts - Set of 6, and Apple Timer Without Magnet. The lined pages will be a great resource to have in our room. It will display the day's lesson and illustrate steps to acquiring skills. It will also give the students a chance to work on the page as well. They will be able to demonstrate the skill to others as well as deepening their understanding of the concepts. My students will no longer have to bend over each other on the rug and squint to see a small board that I pick up and put on a student's desk that I promptly take down after the lesson. Then my students can't refer back to the information as they go off to complete their tasks at their desks because the board is so low the students can't see it. We need the erasers to use with the lined pages and the timers to teach them proper time management. These simple things will raise my students' self-esteem by letting them know someone cares. These few resources I am requesting may not seem important, but to our students they are vital. These new supplies will also let them know that people care about their education as much as the more affluent school districts. Thanks for considering my children!

-Ms. Lazarev

Classroom 044

29-56Cheyenne Peerson

I'm elated to announce that this project was fully funded. Thank you so much for supporting us. Our classroom will now be even more colorful, not to mention memorable. There is no way to express the extent of our gratitude as you have gone above and beyond to ensure our success. This gift will help my students to be more creative and descriptive. It will also motivate them to complete assignments. Your contribution to our education is an amazing show of support. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

-Mrs. Goodwin

Classroom 043

29-56, Wythe HotelCheyenne Peerson

Thank You so much for believing in our orchestra program and especially my students. Were absolutely thrilled that we have real supplies to start playing and now with real books. 

Due to your donation your enabling my students to learn in a safe and encouraging enviroment. Not only will this help this years students, but it will help my future music students that will come through my door. 

On a personal note, I'm amazed that someone cares about my students and the arts as a whole. I devote my life to bringing the arts to every student I encounter. I'm glad to see that you share my life goal and are gracious enough to spread your love of the arts to this young generation. 

Again, I thank you from of the bottom of my heart.

- Ms. Phillips

Classroom 042

29-56, Wythe HotelCheyenne Peerson

I am so excited! Seeing Project fully funded makes my heart race. Getting such wonderful support for my students makes me happier then words can express. Thank you for donating to my project. Creating art helps exercise and develop higher order thinking and problem solving, these tools will enable the students to truly experience the art and science of paper-making. Learning through creating is truly important. Seeing how they can use waste to create new paper will help them understand that they have an impact on their environment. The support you have given this project will foster their creativity and awareness greatly.

-Ms. Gold

Classroom 041

29-56, Wythe HotelCheyenne Peerson

I can't fully express how grateful I am that you have contributed to funding my project! It is great to see that you want to foster the love of writing in my students! I also really appreciate that you share my vision for helping my students grow to become successful writers, readers, and lovers of the arts. My students can't wait to finish drafting their poem analysis essays so they can publish and display them for the whole school to see! We really appreciate your thoughtfulness and your help. We can't wait to take lots of pictures to share with you!

-Ms. Richards

Classroom 040

29-56Cheyenne Peerson

Today was indeed a great day!!! As soon as I received the email that your fantastic support will be helping out my students, I shared the news!!! We all clapped and were so excited. My students are having so much fun learning about sculpture and clay works - but we have no tools. Well, we will soon!!!! Thanks to you, my students will now be able to work hands-on and make their creations come to life. I want to sincerely take this opportunity to thank you for your help and look forward to sending you pictures of our completed pieces. You guys are the best!!!!!

-Mr. Minetti

Classroom 039

29-56Cheyenne Peerson

It is with great pleasure that I announce WE HAVE BEEN FULLY FUNDED! Because of your generosity my students and I will receive the materials we need so desperately. It is surprising how much color motivates students. Instead if boring white we have exciting brights! There is no real way to express the abundance of gratitude my students and I have. Finally, we will not be working with old, broken crayons or dried out markers. The smiles on my students faces said it all and I can't wait to share them with you! Thank you!!!!

-Ms. Goodwin

Classroom 038

29-56Cheyenne Peerson

When I checked my emails today and found that "Portable Creativity" had been fully funded, I literally jumped for joy. I had mentioned the possibility of the blog to one of my classes and, right away, had several volunteers to write entries. 
Thank you all for making this tablet a reality for my kids and classroom! We are going to have a blog naming contest that the students will all take part in. Then, we'll be posting artwork, as well as writing. We all appreciate your generosity!

Classroom 037

29-56Cheyenne Peerson

Thank you so much for helping out a fledgling music program! This portable PA will put smiles on so many faces during music class. The kids already have a great time singing; now they will have an even greater experience. Imagine how cool it will be for them to feel like rock stars, singing into the microphone! The portable PA will also give a voice to our more shy students. Now, we will be able to hear them sing and speak, loud and clear! This will boost everyone's confidence. They will be able to imagine what it would be like to be a professional musician, up on stage, rocking out! Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

-Ms. Piepenburg