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Classroom 168

Shinola, 141-173Cheyenne Peerson

Words can't express my gratitude! My students and I are so excited! Thank you for making our dreams a reality. We are overjoyed. 

My students are very important to me. They have always wanted to have a school band, but could not afford to purchase or rent instruments. We have been trying to start the band program for a long time and now we have enough instruments for every student. The "Build-A-Band" project would not be possible without your help. 

My students are looking forward to building proficiency on musical instruments and experiencing all that playing in a band has to offer. Your gift will always be remembered as generations of music students are educated through our program. Thanks again.

With gratitude,
Mrs. Murrain

Classroom 164

Shinola, 141-173Cheyenne Peerson

Thank you so much for your generous donation. The students in my biology classes will enjoy this skeleton for many years. We are so grateful that you share a passion for the sciences and understand the importance of all children gaining equal access to materials such as these. 

Learning about human anatomy from a book can only take you so far. Having this skeleton in the classroom will give students the hands-on experience that it really takes in order to gain a sufficient understanding of how a human body functions. 

Again we thank you for your generous donation!

With gratitude,
Ms. Welling

Classroom 163

Shinola, 141-173Cheyenne Peerson

I am truly thankful right now. I didn't think this was going to get funded but I am so happy and excites that it did. I truly appreciate you all and the contributions you have given my students. They will love the materials and have fun with science now. I can't wait to show and share with them the news when we go back to school in the fall. Thank you again and look forward to sharing the fun and exciting pictures with everyone! I'm excited! Yay!

With gratitude,
Mrs. Ledwell

Classroom 162

Shinola, 141-173Cheyenne Peerson

Thank you for helping me reach my goal and funding this project for my students!! I know they are going to be so excited to have a new, clean carpet for our classroom. By funding this project, you are not only helping the students of my classroom, but all the future students of room 128!

Every student deserves to sit on a clean, spacious carpet, everyday to learn and grow. And by funding this project, you just gave these children so many reasons to be thankful. So from all of class 128, thank you!!!

With gratitude,
Ms. V.

Classroom 161

Shinola, 141-173Cheyenne Peerson


School Model Cello


Thank you all so much for your generosity! I will be so excited to add a cello player to our ensemble. I have so many students who would like to play cello this coming year. We rent the two cellos that we have so it will be great for the orchestra and school to have their own. The difficult part is deciding who will get to be the next cellist. I am very grateful that there are donors such as your self, that give to schools like mine. I have extremely talented students and they will take great care of our new instrument.

With gratitude,
Ms. Roberts

Classroom 160

Shinola, 141-173Cheyenne Peerson

Thank you so much for donating to students and astrophotography. With theses supplies, we have all the supplies we need to take pre-programmed pictures of stellar objects at night. Students will submit proposals for telescope time, Mr. O will program the telescope accordingly, the telescope and camera will take the exposures, and students will access and analyze their results in the classroom using the software. Practical astronomy is now available to my students. NOT POSSIBLE WITHOUT YOUR HELP!

With gratitude,
Mr. Orlovic

Classroom 156

Shinola, 141-173Cheyenne Peerson

I am extremely humbled by your donation to my project. As a teacher, it is my nature to always put my students' needs before my own, therefore I was quite leery of posting a project for personal and professional growth. However, knowing individuals like each of you value supporting teachers and our quests to improve as educators is inspiring. 

The equipment you donated will help me hone my technology skills so I can effectively create new technology experiences for my students. My STEAM club dabbled in video productions this year, but it was limited by a lack of resources. Your generosity has assisted with this dilemma and will bring a new sense of excitement to the upcoming year. 

By taking the time to invest in me, you have ultimately invested in the lives of many inner city youth who will be exposed to new technology tools and programs.

With gratitude,
Mrs. Singleton

Classroom 057

57-84, ShinolaCheyenne Peerson

Thank you so much! I have just now gotten started printing with students, and they will be so excited that we don't have to ration as much with their creations. It has been so cool to get the technology going and show the classes what can be done. Next week we are starting A World In Motion with General Motors engineer volunteers coming into the classroom. Our Makerbot 2 has been for fun so far, but the engineers are going to help the students see how it can be used in the real world. Thank you again for your generosity and commitment to helping the scientists of the future!

-Mrs. Edwards

Classroom 056

29-56, ShinolaCheyenne Peerson

I am truly overwhelmed at your generosity and your support. Never have I ever had a project funded so quickly within an extremely short period of time! I had just posted this project a few days ago and you have responded speedily and promptly. With your help, now I can finally develop the percussion section that our band program so desperately needs. The students will be able to use the sticks, pads, books, and the other equipment to help them become strong and creative players. I am so happy to see how the general public stands behind music education and understands the need for children to be able to express themselves. Thank you for being such an encouragement!

-Ms. Atallah

Classroom 055

29-56, ShinolaCheyenne Peerson

Thank you so much! Your generosity will make an incredible difference in our classroom. We are so lucky to have a great and safe school, but unfortunately there is no money for supplies. There is only so much that we can learn from textbooks. The rest we can only learn through hands-on, relevant, and application based activities. Thanks to you, my students will be able to build exciting projects, make informative presentations that teach them how to be leaders, and take part in engaging activities that will prepare to solve social problems. In short, these tools will help them move towards a successful future!

-Mr. Taylor

Classroom 054

29-56, ShinolaCheyenne Peerson

Wow! It is difficult to express my gratitude for your donation to my project. It makes my heart swell to know that so many people are willing to help children to grow and learn. The resource that you have funded will enable students to focus and to be engaged. I am so excited to share with them many opportunities to learn and to realize the connections of all subjects with each other and with their lives. This visual and technological tool will be greatly utilized to ensure that all types of learners in my classroom will benefit! Thank you so much. I can't wait to introduce this tool to the children. Thank you for your kindness, generosity and thoughtfulness.

-Mrs. Kraft

Classroom 053

29-56, ShinolaCheyenne Peerson

As a visual arts teacher for third, fourth, and fifth graders, I know just important it is for my student's to be exposed to many different types of art at this age. Because our school is completely inclusive, there are many different levels my students work on. Having a material to work with, such as clay, is something that can be incorporated at any level of teaching. I cannot thank you enough for funding this project. My students will be over the moon when they find out!

-Mrs. Osman