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Classroom 014

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New York, NY
Donation: $195
Mr. Weider's Classroom


(1) Bunny Play
(1) Shakespeare For Kids: His Life And Times
(1) A Midsummer Night's Dream For Kids

From the Teacher

The students were really grateful for the materials they received due to your generous donations. I was able to mark on our stage all the important stage areas, which help students learn spacial and physical areas of the stage. They love playing theater games that use our stage and the floor tape!

Also great have been the theater books of Shakespeare and Theater History. Students in 4th and 5th grades have already performed and memorized scenes and monologues from Macbeth and Hamlet. They are excited to learn about Shakespeare and his world, and we have performed many scenes during Drama Class using these great books. 

The lighting equipment will be used for our upcoming school production of the musical Willy Wonk KIDS! I am excited to provide real lighting cues and control for our production, which will only add to the authentic theater experience for the students. This project boosted students interest in reading great scripts, has helped me teach stage areas, and has provided valuable resources for both lower and upper grades in our school. Thanks again for your generosity and support!

-Mr. Weider

From the Students


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