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Classroom 026

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New York, NY
Donation: $449
Mrs. Luca's Classroom


(1) Canister Gold/Nylon 72Pc
(2) Prang Tempura/Blk Pt
(1) Prang Tempure/Blu Pt

From the Teacher

My students were in absolute shock when I entered their classes with the resources to paint the Kandinsky art. They were so excited to draw the circles and use the different and bright colors to paint the circles in. The looks on their faces was truly priceless. The excitement in their behavior was precious to experience. 

My students used the canvas paper to fold into parts. Some students sectioned the paper into fourths, while others sectioned into eighths. Once sectioned off, using a black crayon they drew their 3 circles, inspired by Kandinsky. We spoke about Wassily Kandinsky being a famous artist known for his abstract paintings. This engaged the students and they asked to see a photo of him. I then used the iPad to pull up his photo. Once the circles were drawn, they painted the different circles with the tempera paint and paintbrushes you kindly supplied for us. The excitement shows itself in the photos that I've attached to the project.

This project boosted my teaching because it helped me stick to the Benchmarks for Visual Arts and connect the project with history, math and science. It was a priceless feeling and I plan on experiencing this again. The children wanted to keep on painting even after the period was over. Now that's when you know the children are into their work. Thank you again for helping us see the world through abstract art.

-Mrs. Luca

From the Students


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