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Calumet City, IL
Donation: $387
Ms. Fazy's Classroom


VocoPro - UHF Wireless Microphone System

From the Teacher

When my students received the resources, they all screamed at the tops of their lungs and proceeded to use the microphones, even though they were not set up yet. The smiles of their faces were the most rewarding feeling I ever had in my life. I heard one of my student's say, "Wow, Ms. Fazy, someone actually believes in us besides you!" They make their personal mission to produce the best performance in Jr. High history. Some of my students were in Drama Club last, so they knew our struggle last year with performing without microphones. This year was so different because you believed in us and donated exactly what we needed to make out play a super, huge success. 

My students and I used and will continue to use the microphones to perform in school activities. The first activity we used the microphones in was a Pep Assembly. We put on a small skit for the entire school to see, and our audience could actually hear us perform. We used the microphones for drama practice every day since they arrived. Even if we were not able to use the speakers, the students still insisted on using the microphones, so they can get used to the feeling of having a microphones in one hand while dancing and singing. They also had to pass off microphones to one another with scene changes and they wanted to get that down pat. The students with the lead roles had their "favorite" microphone (they had different colors on the bottom of the microphones) and only wanted to use a certain color, which was fine because they each picked a different color to like. Next year we plan to perform Annie for our play, since our performance of The Lion King was a huge success, but I am not 100% just yet. 

This project boosts my students' and my teaching in so many ways. In my school everyone is against the Drama Club, expect for four other teachers who help me with the productions. By you donating the microphones you have given, we hope that we were in great need of! Last year when we performed for the Jr. High, they turned on the lights during the performance because the audience could not hear us, and this year was completely different because our voices could be herd. My will to provide my students with the exposure and opportunities they deserve has never been stronger because of you. You have truly made a difference where it counts. Everyone seems to forget about the low-income students, but not you or me. You have changed lives and given us something to hold on too and cherish. My students have an awesome memory to take with them for the rest of their lives. It took on Drama Club with a hope and a dream and you made that a reality. I am the first teacher in 30 years to take on Drama Club, and I am so happy I do because I am able to allow my students talents and creativity flourish for their better being. Thank you so much and know you have changed the lives of students that truly deserve it!

-Ms. Fazy

From the Students


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