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Classroom 034

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San Mateo, CA
Donation: $373
Ms. Nishitani's Classroom


Samsung - 11.6' Chromebook (1)

From the Teacher

Thank you SO much for the Chrome Notebook! My students were extremely excited when I told them that we had received a Chrome Notebook. Their immediate response was, "Yay!, Now we don't have to wait as much to take the AR tests, comprehension tests!" 

Having this notebook students will have access to take these important tests online upon completion of a book they are reading. As a teacher, I am truly appreciative that my students will have this additional tool to make their classroom experience a better one. 

I have noticed that as students are eager to focus on the book they are reading as they know they will take a test online. Instead of being afraid to take a test, students look forward to it because they know they will have a nice notebook to test on. 

Some of my students do not have access to a computer at home or it is broken. Therefore, it is exciting for them to be able to have access to something at school.

Thank you again for your generosity and making it possible for all students to be able to utilized tools such as the Chrome Notebook!

- Mrs. Nishitani

From the Students


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