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Classroom 041

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Brooklyn, NY
Donation: $234
Ms. Richards' Classroom


Canon Ink Cartridge, Black (2)
Canon Ink Cartridge, Color (2)

From the Teacher

My classes and I would like to thank you most graciously for your contributions. You have made this school year flow much more smoothly for not only myself, but my wonderful students as well. Our school does not provide student access to printing, but due to your donation, my students are able to print inside of their classroom. This is truly a great help because a majority of my students do not have access to printing outside of school either, due to situations beyond their control. You have helped us tremendously and my students are so happy.

My students were beyond excited that their hard work will no longer go unnoticed! My students work really hard taking their writing through the writing process and many are unable to publish their work using a computer because they have no way of printing it out. Now, my students are more eager to write and revise because they know they will be able to print out their work and it will go on the board for the whole school to see!

In all, this project has provided a big boost to my teaching and my students' learning because not only are we benefiting from the contribution, but my students are able to see that hard work pays off. Many students were so intrigued by the process of donating to those in need, that they would like to raise funds for next year so that they can give back as well. We have already begun recycling and selling baked treats! You should know that you have been a great help to us and we truly appreciate all that you have done. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

-Ms. Richards

From the Students


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