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Classroom 043

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Brooklyn, NY
Donation: $221
Ms. Phillips's Classroom


From the Teacher

I wish to say thank you again for your generous donation. The students and I are very grateful for having "enough" watercolor paint sets, brushes, and especially watercolor paper. We are using every bit of the art materials for our project, vocabulary and watercolor. 

Each student stenciled ten words that were painted in using the watercolor techniques we practiced over and over again. Each painting is a unique creation that illustrates new and familiar words. To be able to see their vocabulary stenciled out large than written out in their notebooks adds to their understanding of the words. This activity has reinforced the spelling of each word that may otherwise be overlooked. A new and vibrant art appreciation may evolve as a result of this lesson. 

This opportunity has given me more confidence in my teaching because my lesson was validated by you; by believing in my idea and wanting my student's and I to succeed. I am very grateful to you and your generosity.

- Ms. Phillips

From the Students


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