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Classroom 045

Classroom Details

Brooklyn, NY
Donation: $327
Ms. Lazarev's Classroom


Learning Center Pocket Charts - Set Of 6 (2)
Giant Magnetic Lined Page (3)
Apple Timer Without Magnet (10)
Calendar Cutout Kit
Magnetic Write & Wipe Sentence Strips
Write & Wipe Board Eraser (10)
Super Sticker Variety Pack (2)
Lakeshore Storage Box Lids (10)
Classroom Supply Caddy - Green, Yellow, Blue, Red, Purple, And Orange

From the Teacher

We are so grateful to have received all these wonderful supplies. As the school year winds down, almost all our supplies are depleted. The lined pages, timers and markers are being used to learn many great end-of-year concepts. The students love to illustrate and show their works on the lined pages.

They especially love the lined pages which have been a great resource for us. It has displayed the day's lessons and illustrated steps to acquiring different skills. It has also given the students a chance to work at the pages as well. They demonstrate their skills to others in the class and simultaneously deepen their understanding of the concepts.

My students no longer have to bend over each other on the rug and squint to see a small board that I pick up and put on a student's desk that I promptly take down after the lesson. Finally, the timers are teaching my students about proper time management. 

Thank you so much for donating to our proposal. We greatly appreciate all the wonderful supplies.

-Ms. Lazarev

From the Students


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