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Classroom 046

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Brooklyn, NY
Donation: $413
Mrs. Carvalhido's Classroom


Apple 16Gb Ipad Mini

From the Teacher

My students and I are truly grateful for your generous contribution and donation towards funding our technology project. Your donation fully funding an iPad for our classroom which has afforded my learners the opportunity to actively learn and engage in the learning process.

Classified as severely autistic nonverbal learners, my students face severe struggles and challenges on a daily basis. The iPad has made a tremendous impact on my students both educationally and socially. Through the good use of educational apps available for the iPad, my students are now able to effectively learn the letters of the alphabet and demonstrate understanding. Their vocabulary recognition has increased as well which has ultimately affected their ability to verbally communicate and in turn created social growth.

Thus, my students and I sincerely appreciate your donation as it has helped us grow in ways we never could have imagined. Thank you for helping us and your support.

-Mrs. Carvalhido

From the Students


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