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Classroom 049

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New York City, NY
Donation: $244
Ms. Spitzer's Classroom


Hisonic Hs120B Portable Pa System (1)
Blue Microphones Yeti Usb Microphone (1)

From the Teacher

Thank you so much for your amazing donations toward this project! Since the supplies were received last year, 5th graders were able to make a cd at the end of the year, and students in grades K-5 have THOROUGHLY enjoyed using the portable microphone/pa. Students are motivated by the use of both microphones. They feel like true musicians! It also challenges them to be brave and get up in front of their peers... definitely a self-esteem booster to get a round of applause!!! 

Students are motivated by the use of the digital microphone as well. The digital microphone is wonderful for recording, playing back, and critiquing their performance. I have also been able to layer tracks using garageband so that one class of 30 students sounds like a large choir! It is pretty amazing and students take pride in their digital performances. 

Thank you again for your donations toward this project and a sincere apology in the delay of this "thank you" package!!!

-Ms. Spitzer

From the Students


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