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Classroom 051

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New York City, NY
Donation: $312
Mr. Coyle's Classroom


Canakit Raspberry Pi (512 Mb) Complete Starter Kit (10)

From the Teacher

The student's reaction to receiving the Raspberry Pi was at first disbelief. Then it turned to doubt and finally to amazement. The students had never seen anything like it. They really got excited and started to explore the possibilities. The wonderful thing about the Raspberry Pi, for an Engineering class, is that the potential applications are virtually limitless. 

In our Introduction to Engineering Design class, we are using the Raspberry Pi to teach basic computer programming and electronics. The students will learn Ohm's Law, how to program LED lights, DC Motors and Servos to do various tasks. These skills will teach them to identify a problem, design a solution and write a program to solve it. 

The Raspberry Pi has added a hand on component that has captured students that are typically having been unsuccessful in traditional teaching methods. I feel that the Raspberry Pi has the capabilities to challenge my advanced students but consequently engaged my lower third students. Across the board I have a increase on time on task and a decrease in time spent redirecting or on classroom management. I have some students that have prior knowledge of the Raspberry Pi that have been mentoring some of the other students.

-Mr. Coyle

From the Students


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