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Classroom 053

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Detroit, Mi
Donation: $387
Mrs. Osman's Classroom

From the Teacher

My fifth graders and I cannot thank you enough for the generous donation you made to our school. My students would never have had the opportunity to work with such a fun medium like clay without the help of you. My 118 fifth graders were overjoyed when I told them we would be starting a unit in clay. They could not wait to get their hands covered in it!

We have enough clay to do two projects per student. The first project we are working on now is a great lesson in Pop Art. My students learned the three basic techniques for working with clay and their challenge is to create a sculpture that is food related. They got to become familiar with Pop artists such as Andy Warhol, Claes Oldenburg, and Wayne Theibaud. Our second project with be a sculpture of their choice.

By receiving this special gift, I was able to let my students experience a brand new exciting material and expand their culture and art history background.
-Mrs. Osman

From the Students


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