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Classroom 056

Classroom Details

Detroit, MI
Donation: $761
Ms. Atallah's Classroom


Mini Gum Rubber Pad
Band-In A Box Pro 2013
Standard Of Excellence Book 2 Conductor Score
12-Pack Drumsticks (2)
Standard Of Excellence Book 1-2 Drums/Mallet Percussion
Standard Of Excellence Book 2 Enhanced Timpani/Aux Percussion
Pa130 Power Adapter For Portable Keys And Sv
Pw-Mt-02 Metronome Tuner

From the Teacher

Thank you so much for your most generous donation! You completely went above and beyond our expectations and we were so overwhelmed! Music is such a valuable experience in the lives of children and with support like yours, we can help those dreams become reality! I was just so impressed how quickly this project was funded and how important music is to you that you would really want to share this experience with others. Thank you for all the materials including the drum pads and sticks, the metronome, Garage Band, and the percussion books. The band will now have a developing percussion section and my hope is that the percussionists will become leaders in the band.

-Ms. Atallah

From the Students


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