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Detroit, MI
Donation: $340
Mrs. Edwards' Classroom


Makerbot True Yellow, Orange, And Purple Filament

From the Teacher

Thank you for so much for supporting my classroom with your donations! The students love watching the 3D Printer, and they love the objects printed out even more-so. Having extra filament to continue projects with the children...and not have to worry about running out quickly...has really made this part of science more fun. 

Most adults have only heard of 3D printing, but these inner-city children are able to experience it first-hand. It is definitely an exciting addition to the science classroom. When so many of my students have so much to worry about at home, it takes everything I can put together to make science eventful enough to forget their worries for the time they are in my room. Your donations and DonorsChoose has helped me make science real. Thank you again. 

-Mrs. Edwards

From the Students

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