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Classroom 069

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Nashville, TN
Donation: $450
Ms. Corral's Classroom


HH260X - Read About Science Learning Centers - Complete Set
EE195 - Cells & Organisms Book Library - Gr. 4-6
EE193 - Solar System Book Library - Gr. 4-6
EE194 - Force & Motion Book Library - Gr. 4-6
LC5326 - Storage Rack

From the Teacher

My students have enjoyed the Science Packets so much I can hardly tear them away. The love having not just the books but then something hands on to do. We have used them as a regular center rotation every week and have even been able to add other resources and activities to each kit. When students are working with a kit they are fully engaged and excited. They tell me we should have all of our curriculum set up like this. The books that go with each kit are varied in level so all of my students have something they can access academically. By having my students so engaged, I have the opportunity to teach in small groups without worry of off task behavior issues and I know they are learning the standards because the content is rich and high interest. We recently reviewed one of our content standards on ecosystems and almost every child got every question correct. They are remembering what they learn with their kits. We also use the texts to do comparative writing in preparation for the state writing assessment. We use two texts from the same kit, read a section in each, and then either compare the two or respond to another type of prompt. We are so grateful for your generosity in helping us get these kits.

-Ms. Corral

From the Students


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