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Classroom 082

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San Juan Capo, CA
Donation: $394
Mr. Mascio's Classroom


Behringer X32 Compact 40-Channel Digital Mixer

From the Teacher

My students were so surprised and amazed to see the new soundboard! They wanted to start using it right away (unfortunately we need the rest of our projects funded before we can do that). They "ooo" and "ahhed" over it and are very excited that they may have a working sound system for their musical production this year! This is just the beginning!

This soundboard is a part of a new sound system we are installing in the multi-purpose room. Along with the rest of the equipment we need, this sound system will help my students be heard by audience members when they speak or sing. The speakers won't hum and hiss any more. And they'll have mics that work.

This new sound system will begin to impact my students the most once the rest of it has been funded. But I project that students will know our musical productions for being high quality and will more likely want to be a part of it. Creating art as a team, such as a musical production, is a way to encourage unity, support, and acceptance among students. They learn hard work, dedication, and determination. I can't begin to describe all the blessings that will come to these students by having a fully functioning and professional theater.

-Mr. Mascio

From the Students


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