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Classroom 086

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Clarksville, AR
Donation: $937
Mrs. Phillip's Classroom


M48 Carton Of 6 Music Stands
Cello Storage Rack

String Explorer For Violin, Book 1
String Explorer For Viola, Book 1
String Explorer For Cello, Book 1
String Explorer Book 1
Tailpiece Adjuster

From the Teacher

My students thought I actually bought them, but when I told them that a person actually purchased the equipment and books for them they were blown away. They asked me the obvious who, why and what questions. The best answer I can give them was why not you. Why do you think that you don't deserve them? So they were more shocked that someone believed in them and believed they can become a better musician. 

All my students are using the stands, grades 1-8. The 6th and 7th graders are using the music books and equipment to start our orchestra program. The stands were so necessary to our music program because it enables the students to learn music. My students went from learning music by memorizing to learning how to read music and perform music by reading it on the stand. We also had no real music books that showed the students where to put your finger and really visually described the placement of fingers. We are now doing "Ode to Joy" in a 2 part harmony and doing it as an ensemble. 

The project really boosted the program because it showed the school and the community that we existed. The project gave the students confidence because they belonged to a program that is really important to the community. It helped my teaching because now I can teach more in depth music theory and technique. I had a very limited amount of resources and which made it very hard to teach music. Now, I have more resources and its easier to teach music which is already hard. I am thankful for making this project a reality for both myself and my students.

-Mrs. Phillip

From the Students


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