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Classroom 091

Classroom Details

Portland, OR
Donation: $410
Ms. Perewiznyk's Classroom


Paint Watercolor Prange Masterpack
Brush High School Watercolor Set Of 36
Marker Crayola Set Of 256

From the Teacher

I am eternally grateful for the support of loved ones and strangers alike! It is encouraging to know that ALL the donors (you!) have reasons to contribute to a cause such as this. I am remindedthat there are people that love and appreciate the arts and know that in very many cases, a lot can be done with even a little bit. Thank you for supporting me, my students, and the program that I am developing. The supplies I have requested will help add variety to the experiences my students can have in class. I know they appreciate you too!

-Ms. Perewiznyk

From the Students


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