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Classroom 111

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Detroit, MI
Donation: $462
Ms. Robert's Classroom


Chroma Acrylic Mural Paint - Go, Rock Star, Ice, Calypso,Slime, Blacktop Black, Purple Haze, Stop, Pucker 16 Oz Jar (46)
Richeson Utility Brush Set - Set Of 48Blick Art Materials

From the Teacher

I am so grateful that our students will have awesome mural paint in a variety of colors to use. We have been using standard wall paint. We have only one container of a real miracle paint and it is magenta. Magenta only go goes so far. The mural pain is much easier for the students to use and they love using it. I love that it's durable so that their can last for many years. Our art teacher is sketching out another mural tomorrow. I am working on a mural on the other side of the building currently. It is a large space and all the base work is done. I can't wait for all these wonderful colors to come in so that we can add all the detail work and have more than 10 colors to work with. Our students are so wonderful. They are hard-working, talented, well behaved, and full of joy. They deserve to have an incredible artistic experience. Because I was always in music classes, I never was able to take art class in middle school and high school. Had I been able to paint murals, I would've had more of an artistic experience along with the musical experience. My students can do both at our school. Some can paint during the day and some can stay after and paint. Your generosity is helping our students to become well-rounded artists.

-Ms. Roberts

From the Students


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