Classroom 123

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New York City, NY
Donation: $514
Ms. Sandford's Classroom


3-Way Tabletop Easel (3)
Best-Buy Colored Pencils - Set Of 300
Classroom Collage Box
Build-It-Yourself Woodworking Kit
Paint Cup Carrierlakeshore Learning Materials
Adjustable Apron - Red (5)
Lakeshore No-Spill Paint Cups - 10-Color Set (2)
Giant Twist-Up Crayons - Set Of 50
Rainbow Scratch Paper
Newsprint Easel Paper - 16" X 17 1/2"
Nature Prints Craft Paper

From the Teacher

Thank you so much for your generosity! My students will truly appreciate the art materials in our classroom. I can not wait to see their smiling faces when they see all the new art supplies! Our school does not have an art program so they will benefit greatly from all the supplies. I can not thank you enough! Donors like you really put a smile on our children's faces. It's amazing for them to see that there are good people out there so willing to expand their knowledge!

-Ms. Sandford

From the Students

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