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Classroom 133

Classroom Details

New York, NY
Donation: $765
Mr. Johnson's Classroom


Korg Instrument Tuner And Metronome (30)
Remo Rhythm Club, Konga, 6 Diameter, 12 Height (15)
Rico Alto Sax Reeds (3)
Rico Royal Bb Clarinet Reeds (10)

From the Teacher

Thank you for providing my students with the equipment they need to create beautiful music. My band and general music classes enjoyed practicing with the metronomes at school and at home, playing the hand drums in ensembles in class, and using the reeds to play saxophone and clarinet. This equipment is appropriate for students but also authentic, allowing them to practice and perform music like professionals.

Most of my students don't have music equipment of their own, so they rely on the school to lend them instruments and other equipment to use at school and at home. They practice diligently before and after regular school hours. While the equipment gets plenty of use, students care for it properly so it can be passed on to new classes of students. As our music program continues to grow to include grades pre-K through 12, the equipment from this project will be used by elementary, middle and high school students at my school for years to come.

Thank you for helping my school achieve its goal of providing every student with an excellent music education.

-Mr. Johnson

From the Students


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