Classroom 133

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New York, NY
Donation: $765
Mr. Johnson's Classroom


Korg Instrument Tuner And Metronome (30)
Remo Rhythm Club, Konga, 6 Diameter, 12 Height (15)
Rico Alto Sax Reeds (3)
Rico Royal Bb Clarinet Reeds (10)

From the Teacher

I am incredibly excited and grateful for your support of my students. Now my band and general music students will have more of the tools they need to become excellent musicians. Metronomes will keep them focused and together with a steady pulse, tuners will keep them in tune, hand drums will allow more students to participate in ensemble playing, and reeds will keep the saxophones and clarinets singing. No matter where these students choose to go to college, or what kinds of careers they pursue, the skills and knowledge they develop in music classes will put them on a path to success.

-Mr. Johnson

From the Students

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