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Classroom 136

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Austin, TX
Donation: $334
Mrs. Mason's Classroom


Lg - G Pad 7.0 - 7'- 16Gb 

From the Teacher

Thank you so much for your generous donation of a LG Gpad tablet to my Art classroom! It was extremely helpful for our stop-action movie project. The kids who used the tablet were really excited about it - it was so much easier to manipulate, take pictures, and save their pictures than the problematic, old laptops the other kids had to use. The kids using the tablet were taking pictures and planning their movies before the kids using the laptops even had them turned on! The tablet also has better special effects that the kids had fun experimenting with. The tablet is much easier for the kids to create their own folder within the gallery in which to save their work - their pictures weren't deleted accidentally by other students using the tablet because of that. 

Thank you so much for investing in our project!

-Mrs. Mason

From the Students


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