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Classroom 142

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Miami, FL
Donation: $279
Mrs. Vega's Classroom


Apple Ipad Air 2
Lifeproof Fre Case For Ipad Air

From the Teacher

Adding this new technology piece to our classroom has given us the opportunity to have a mobile technology station. The students are able to use this around the room and even outside. They are able to access learning games that help them with their reading, math, science, etc. They love the fact that they can take it to their favorite spot and learn.

They love that I was able to find them learning apps that will help them learn for example sight words. It gives them a new way to learn them and not the same way of just reading a memorizing. They really love that it's mobile and they can access it anywhere in the building. 

There are some students that have really taken to our new piece of technology because at home they don't have access to anything like this. They find it very cool and exciting that they can use it in class and see all the things that it can do. They want to learn how to use it and picked it up very quickly after just a few tries. 

I wanted to thank each one of you for giving us this opportunity to introduce this new piece of technology in our class. The students love it!!

With gratitude,
Mrs. Vega

From the Students


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