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Classroom 144

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Union City, CA
Donation: $94
s. Metter's Classroom


LEGO(r) Classic Large Brick Box

From the Teacher

Let me begin by expressing how grateful I am for the Lego's and how they have been enjoyed by all my students. The Legos will be used during our Friday's P.A.T. (preferred activity time). Monday through Thursday we have a structured academic schedule to follow. We care about our learning and we know by the end of the week all the hard work will pay off when we are able to enjoy some quality, creative, activity time. This helps establish a balance between work and play; the Legos will be a choice activity, which I know will be the number one choice for my students.

I must add, the moment I presented the Legos to the classroom, students began cheering, screaming, clapping and jumping up and down. I received three containers of Legos and immediately divided the class into 3 groups. Many students started to build right away, some took the time to read the Lego design pamphlet. Other students just stared in excitement.

Finally, the Legos will become a great tool to teach teamwork, collaboration, problem solving, and expression. I will encourage students to work together as they build and construct. This will also be a great opportunity for my students to express themselves artistically without instruction. The Legos are a great asset to Room 21, thank you again, donors.

With gratitude,
Ms. Metters

From the Students


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