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Brooklyn, NY
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Mrs. Coleman's Classroom


Legend Has It BAM School-Time Performance

From the Teacher

Legend Has It was an amazing field trip! My students experienced diverse personal and academic takeaways lessons. We learned the definition of improvisation and how guides the events of a drama. They also learned the importance of decision making and how it determines the final result in drama and real life.

Prior to attending the field trip, we were visited by a teaching artist from Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM). The teaching artist introduced students to theater terms such as improvisation, dialog, script, plot, actor and improviser. My students had an opportunity to use improvisation, which allowed them to be creative and enjoy mini performances in class. The teaching artist's lesson made "Legend Has It" a highly engaged and enjoyable experience for my students. Students had prior knowledge on improvisation and were confident enough to participate throughout the performance.

One highlight of the trip for my students was the active participation- they appreciated being able to help the hero make the best decisions. Students cheered the hero on in the face of danger (as if it were their actual friend), shouted words of encouragement and gave advice when necessary. All of my students applied prior learning of legends as they thought deeply about the overall lesson. Students were expected to reflect on a theme(s) or lesson (s) by the end of the performance. Students were empowered to share reflections that ranged from teamwork, perseverance, kindness, determination and believing in yourself. My students and I thank you Public Supply for funding our project to BAM. Every thank you letter and student reflection depict our appreciation for this opportunity.

With gratitude,
Mrs. Coleman

From the Students


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