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Classroom 146

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Chicago, IL
Donation: $515.45
rs. Medina's Classroom


Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera (4)
VidPro Camera Tripod (4)
8GB Memory Card (2)

From the Teacher

Thank you so much for donating the digital cameras, memory cards, and tripods to my classroom. Many students in my Media Arts class had never used digital cameras before, just relying on cell phones to take photos. They were excited about the high quality photos they got by using the digital cameras. Also, they were able to set them up on the tripods to create more stable videos. This is helping the students "see beyond the cell phone" and get more professional experience that they could use in college or a career.

I have a few students who are especially interested in animation. We used the cameras and tripods for a stop motion animation project. Some students used modeling clay for clay-mation. The results were incredibly creative and fun! Students have become inspired to create more projects using stop motion animation. 

We are using the cameras and tripods next for an advertising project. Students will come up with a product and a logo and film a commercial for their product using the cameras. I cannot wait to see the results! Thank you for your generosity and support of the arts!

With gratitude,
Mrs. M.

From the Students


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