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Nashville, NC
Donation: $206
Mrs. Bailey's Classroom


Boomwhackers (3)
20 Note Bell Set
20 Note Set
Music K8 Magazine

From the Teacher

We are having so much fun and learning so much with the materials you helped our class receive. The boomwhackers and bells are all color coded and play the same pitches. Students are learning the musical alphabet is only A,B,C,D,E,F and G. They are making connections with the length of the boomwhackers as it relates to the pitch. For example, there are two red tubes on long and on short, they are both the pitch C, however one is "high C" and one is "low C". Students know the shorter tubes make higher pitches and the longer tubes make lower pitches.This is also a science connection for students. Students are using bells and boomwhackers with the music in the "MusicK8" magazine to learn pitch names and melodic direction. Having more than one set of these instruments allows each student to be actively engaged each lesson. The fact that the instruments are color coded allows for all 780 students an opportunity to apply instruments with music. Lower grades are matching colors as they follow music, while upper grades are able to transfer the letter names to the musical staff. This also allows for differentiation within each class to meet the needs of each individual student's level of understanding, including creating music by various means. My students and I greatly appreciate your donations and want you to know that you are making a difference in educating the whole child through music!

With gratitude,
Mrs. Bailey

From the Students

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