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Classroom 149

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Tampa, FL
Donation: $181
s. Kirk's Classroom


Glaze Gloss Pint - Green
Glaze Gloss Pint - White
Glaze Gloss Pint - Freckled Brown
Glaze Gloss Pint - Dark Blue
Glaze Gloss Pint - Chocolate Brown

From the Teacher

There are myriad of glaze colors that can be found but unfortunately for a public school, glaze is very expensive. The funding of GlazeIt allowed our kids to have glaze that we could not afford to buy. Some students may have otherwise been looking at an empty glaze bottle of their favorite glaze. It is difficult to keep the glaze stocked with over 150 students using it and limited funding. There are so many supplies that have to be purchased and through the funding of GlazeIt, money was able to be used for some of the other supplies that we need, like tape, colored pencils, markers, etc. 

GlazeIt allowed for students to be more creative because they had more choices of colors and textures for their ceramic artworks. A ceramic piece without glaze is like a human without clothes. It just isn't complete until the glaze is applied and fired. Kids at FHS were so happy to see the new glaze; every color was already being used within the 1st hour that I opened the box. 

The funding also gives our students a great example of philanthropic action from complete strangers. Many of the kids were stunned that a company would care about them enough to donate to their education. Mouths agape they said "Why? Why did they do that?" "Because they care about your education" I said. Maybe someday they too will think about helping to fund a project on DonorsChoose. 

With gratitude,
Ms. Kirk

From the Students


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