Classroom 154

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Detroit, MI
Donation: $454
s. Roberts' Classroom


School Model Cello

From the Teacher

Thank you all very much for your generosity. We now have a third cello player in our orchestra. Many students wanted to play but we had to draw one name out of a hat to be fair. Our new cellist is very excited. We are working very hard to get the equipment needed to be successful. 

This year we have over eighty students enrolled in our string program. Orchestra class is now part of the school day. My students will be going to music competitions this year and playing out in the community as much as possible. Your donation is really helping us to grow. I currently only have enough instruments for fifty students so your donation is really helping us to progress and grow. Again I thank you all so much for your support! You are helping to keep string programs alive and thriving in the city of Detroit and I thank you for that!

With gratitude,
Ms. Roberts

From the Students

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