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Classroom 155

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Detroit, MI
Donation: $455
s. Vermeersch's Classroom


LA952 - Classroom Carpet for 30

From the Teacher

When I first rolled out the carpet, all the students ran to it and immediately jumped on it. Loving our new carpet means many things to us- it is a place for all of us to share our stories during community time; no one is left out. It is also a place we care to keep clean. I have multiple volunteers who care for the carpet and clean it daily. They enjoy keeping it clean- it is the spot where we spend the most communal time. Also, they are friendly in reminding one another to keep it clean by not eating on it or pulling any strings.

The new carpet in my class has been a joy. For them and me. The students have spent many hours counting, reading, playing, dancing, singing, and enjoying life on our brand new, CLEAN carpet. Our last carpet, barely big enough to hold all 28 students, cannot compare to our new one. Some days, it's a solace for those sleepy kids, who just need a comfy, clean place to rest their head and relax.

It is my goal to use this space to foster every one of my student's unique minds. Students are more comfortable out of their seats. I happily allow them to work there, if they so choose. Also, it is big enough where independent learners can work independently and group learners can work collaboratively. It really is a space for everyone and I am looking forward to the next generation that gets to enjoy this carpet as well.

With gratitude,
Ms. V.

From the Students


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