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Classroom 158

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Phoenix, AZ
Donation: $394
s. Threadgill's Class


Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (10)

From the Teacher

Thank you! Because of your generosity and selflessness, my students are able to creatively explore the world of dance. These speakers have opened doors to their choreography projects. When I first started teaching, they did not have speakers. I went to the store and bought 2 or 3 that were, needless to say, not the greatest. The speakers you have purchased for the students are wonderful. They stay charged for days at a time and produce a very high volume! My students made fun of me with the old speakers we had. They say that these ones are way more in style- especially with the Bluetooth feature!

My students favorite part of dance class is getting to create their own combinations. They are able to disperse around the room and connect the speakers to their phone to hear the music. Because we now have 10 speakers, my large classes of 45 students are able to form smaller groups. This helps tremendously with group work. Sometimes creating something is easier in smaller numbers. 

My classroom is often used for after school events, which takes away time that students get to come into the dance room to work. With the speakers, I have set up a check-out system where the students can loan a speaker after school and work in the hallways until 3:30, at which point they return it. I have students using this system every day. 

Again, thank you. You have affected these students in ways you will never know.

With gratitude,
Ms. Threadgill

From the Students


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